Ever Find any good stuff at Garage Sales?

its the sale season

Here are a few things they say to never buy at a yard sale...(Readers Digest does)

Don't Buy These Used 

    Bicycle helmets 

    Child car seats 


In all three cases they could be damaged or cracked internally, and unsafe.


Also don't buy:

    -Beds: Think bedbugs. ick.

    -Cribs: Too many have been recalled. All drop sided cribs are now illegal for sale.

    -Adult Shoes: Health and poor fitting issues should be considered, unless we are talking about a rarely worn pair of designer heels.

    -Hats:   No one washes hats. 

    -Swimsuits, because that's like buying used underwear.


Used Electronic Items to Avoid

    -Laptop computers and HDTV's, unless they are almost free. All old laptops have been banged up or dropped.

    Chances are if they are selling an HDTV, there's something wrong with it.


The bottom line: If its a safety related item, don't buy it used, period. Think of it like buying the used seatbelts out of a wrecked car.



Photo from Homedepot site