Starting tomorrow, everyone on Facebook will have to switch to the new "Timeline" view, and it's making a lot of people angry.


Here are a few things you need to know about the new Timeline:

The biggest thing is getting used to the different look....that is really it. 

The Timeline.  Facebook is planning to do a massive overhaul of your profile so it shows your entire life on a timeline. 


Remember that wall post you made in 2007?  No?  Facebook does, and now it'll be there as you scroll back in time.


You can also go back to the years before you were on Facebook . . . before Facebook existed . . . all the way back to your birth. 


And you can add photos and memories, and make Facebook a scrapbook of your whole life.  At first it'll just be an option, but eventually it'll be the default.


There's More to Do Than "Like."  Instead of having just a "Like" button for everything, Facebook and other developers can create buttons that say anything.  For example, you could click a button to say you're "Watching" something on Netfilx.


You'll also be able to watch shows on Hulu or Netflix, listen to music on streaming services, and read stories on major sites at the same time as your friends, without leaving Facebook.


No More Farmville in Your News Feed.  Right now there's the main news feed in the center, and the scrolling feed on the right.  The main one will have stuff like relationship changes and photos.  Stuff like FarmVille will be smaller and on the side.