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Eight Bad Dreams About Work and What They Mean

 this is from an article in Forbes magazine:

Have you ever dreamt that you were driving to work and lost control of your car?   it means you either don't feel like you're in control of your career, or you don't feel like you're in control of a specific project you're working on.   


Showing Up to Work Naked.  it means you're feeling vulnerable around your co-workers, or you're overly worried about what they think of you.


Showing Up Late or Missing a Deadline.  According to one expert, it means you're not very happy in your job, and you feel like you're missing out on something better.


Sleeping with a Coworker.  This isn't necessarily a BAD dream, but it usually involves someone you're not actually ATTRACTED to.  So you wake up confused about what it means.

Supposedly, it can mean they have a certain skill you secretly wish you had.   

If it's your BOSS, then it could represent, quote, "a subconscious recognition that you have a big idea, and you're trying to give yourself the power to act on it."   


Being Chased at the Office.  In this one, you usually can't see the face of the person who's chasing you.  And it can mean there's something you're hoping for in your career . . . like a promotion . . . but you think it might be in jeopardy.


Dreaming That You're Not Prepared for Something.  If it's a RECURRING dream, it might mean you're lacking confidence in general.  


Getting Stuck in the Elevator.   it means you're afraid that your career isn't advancing the way you want it to.


You Can't Find the Bathroom.  Any dream that involves a bathroom supposedly represents your "fundamental needs" in life.  So if it's the bathroom at your office, it means your needs aren't being met at work.


Your Equipment Isn't Working.   It just means you feel like something in your LIFE isn't working.