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After more than five and a half years of marriage, TOM CRUISE and KATIE HOLMES are cashing it in.  Katie filed for divorce on Thursday. 


Tom's rep says he's, quote, "deeply saddened and concentrating on his three children."

Katie's rep says her primary concern is, quote, "her daughter's best interest."


There are sources who claim that Katie left because she doesn't want Tom to get Suri into Scientology . . . and she's fighting for custody so she has a say in Suri's religious upbringing.

At 6, Suri is right around the age where a child's involvement in Scientology supposedly becomes a lot more serious . . . which is why Katie chose now to leave Tom.



There is a prenup -

Supposedly, the settlement Katie gets depends on how long she and Tom were together.  And it was scheduled to go up depending on how long they were married.  Obviously, Katie would get the five-year payout, whatever that is.

One source says the prenup called for Katie to get $3 million for every year they were married, plus a bonus for giving Tom any children.   

It's not clear how much Tom is actually worth . . . but it's estimated he made $200 million in the last five years alone.

A lot of people think Katie filed for divorce in New York because the laws will be much more favorable to her when it comes to custody.



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