Its Back in the News....Can you have chickens in your back yard in Tampa....


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Put a number of people are keeping chickens and their backyards as pets and as a bonus they of course get a fresh supply of organic eggs. Problem is many of those people are violating city code so today Tampa City Council tried to put together a plan. That allows more backyard chickens without ruffling too many feathers.

They're all organic. Brown eggs so people brought props to make your point -- from the only farm in south campus actually has the legal restrictions -- that. Legal guidelines to raise the case.

These people want the right to raise chickens and their backyards. It's currently allowed in the city of Tampa but only if you have enough space. 200 feet from your nearest neighbor. That's two thirds of the football field. And most residents don't have that kind of elbow room this chicken movement is sweeping the country. The growing popularity of racing backyard chickens has a lot to do with the organic eggs they lay there and -- healthier eggs and buying them. And at the stores. The majority of those who spoke at today's council meeting have either own chickens in the past secretly own chickens now. Or want to own chickens without breaking the law.

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Those who are crying foul worry about no place smells sanitation. And broke chickens out roaming. But only once such opponents spoke up I know that people do not want to chickens if they are there. Going into other people's. On to the people's property -- out on the streets council member frank Redick is also vehemently opposed to making it easier to own chickens in the city.

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It's something Redick has personal experience where chicken run.

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But council member Mary -- her and says in reality there are already a lot of stealth chicken owners in Tampa. You just don't know about the chickens because they don't make that much knowing some other than that -- chicken neck councilman Redick had. Had a terrifying experience with. You don't even know that there is there on your blocker in your backyard. Which is why in the -- the council voted to draft a new more chicken friendly ordinance. And then next update on the new chicken ordinance is scheduled for the may tenth council meeting.