CARRIE UNDERWOOD decided to go from vegetarian . . . to vegan. 

And check out why..... some chick she knows made the switch and started looking hot. 

Carrie says, quote, "Like something had happened in her life.  There was some switch flipped.

Her skin was glowing.  Her eyes were gorgeous.  Like, her body was amazing.  Something had happened, and I was like, 'What are you doing?  I need to know.  The world needs to know.'  And she said, 'I went vegan.'"

Full blown vegans use NO animal products for any purpose.  But it sounds like Carrie is talking about being a dietary vegan, which means she won't eat food that is in any way related to animals.  No milk, eggs, butter, etc.

Could you do this????   No Pizza?  No Cheese Sticks, Doritos??  OMG....Could you give all that up to look that good???