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Here are five unhealthy things people do every day . . . and how much they will shorten your life.

#1.) Smoking a pack of cigarettes shortens your life by five hours

#2.) You lose two hours of life expectancy a day just by being a man

#3.) Eating one serving of red meat shortens your life by half an hour

#4.) Watching two hours of television a day also shortens your life by a half hour.

#5.) Every alcoholic drink after your first one shortens your life by 15 minutes.

So....What CAN we do??


#1.) Eating five or more servings of fruits and vegetables in a day adds two hours to your life.

#2.) Doing 20 minutes of cardio adds an hour to your life each time

#3.) Doing another 40 minutes of cardio after the first 20 minutes adds another half hour.

#4.) Drinking two or three cups of coffee a day will make you life a half hour longer....what???


and I love this:

#5.) Drinking ONE alcoholic beverage adds a half hour to your life.