We need women in our lives....and it looks like each friend we have should play a role...



1. The Gay Best Friend
The gay best friend gives a woman the freedom to be herself without fear that she will be hit on....

2. The Good Listener

This is who you call to hash out a problem and they will sit and listen when you need to vent.

3. The Motivator

This friend makes you get your ass off the couch, put on your tightest jeans and highest heels and go out drinking with her.   

Life is just a little more fun and exciting with an Instigator egging you on!

4. The Rockstar

We all need a friend we look up to and aspire to be more like. The Rockstar inspires you because she's either smart, beautiful, successful or all of the above.  A little friendly competition never hurt anyone.

5. The Speed-Dial Buddy

This is the friend you can call at 3 am from the side of the road -- even if you haven't spoken in months.  

"This is the friend you can truly count on....She cares about you and is willing to put everything aside if you really need her.

6. The Kindred Spirit

Whether it's your best friend since third grade, a person you always thought of as a big sister or the cool aunt who took you to rock concerts, a Kindred Spirit is that one person that totally gets you. "These friendships are easy and effortless...The two of you just 'click.

7. The Mentor

A professor, a family friend or even a boss can be the Mentor who pushes you to go the extra mile in your career and in life. She makes you feel like you are capable of anything and will encourage you to try new things and take on new challenges (even when you're not sure).

8. The Caregiver

If the Caregiver isn't a family member, you trust him or her like one. This is the person you know will take care of you when the world is crumbling around you.

9. The Crush

Every girl needs that one person they can drool over -- whether it's a coworker, handman or movie star.

10. The Love of Your Life

He's seen you at your best and worst and after all of that he's still holding your hand....The one in your life would not be complete without.