LAKELAND, Fla. ( - There are just two months left to make your decision. Should Florida legalize medical marijuana?

Hundreds packed into an auditorium in Lakeland to hear two star players in this issue.

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It was like a heavy weight boxing match.

In one corner was well-known attorney John Morgan, who is bank rolling a multi-million dollar effort to pass amendment two and arrived on a huge bus with pro-amendment two logos all over the sides.

“I don't know why water works. I don't know why aloe works. I don't know why medical marijuana works. I just know it works,” said Morgan.

And on the other side was Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd, who believes the proposed amendment is full of loopholes, like the definition of debilitating medical conditions that qualify someone to buy weed. “Leg cramps, can't sleep at night, back aches, stress, anxiety. Do those sound like debilitating diseases?” asked Judd.

Morgan countered; doctors will oversee who gets pot, and who doesn't.

He pointed out several potential patients in the audience. “What we have to do is we have to trust our doctors. If you trust your doctor, trust them with this amendment,” said Morgan.

Sheriff Judd showed a chart depicting the 57 pot dispensaries that could pop up in Polk County and pointed out the difficulties enforcing the law, if it passes. “Like when someone gets pulled over with medical marijuana in their car, and they don't have a permit; it's gonna be exceptionally complicated for people to use it with permit without getting in trouble,” said Judd.

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