ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (WFLA) - A man is struck by lightning, and not only survives, but refuses a trip to the hospital. The owner of the BP Gas Station on 49th Street South and 5th Avenue witnessed the entire ordeal.

"And they were standing right there in that corner," Matt Yaghoubi said, as he pointed to the canopy over the gas pumps. "The guy who got hit. Some were here. There were a bunch of them."

Yaghoubi says it was pouring outside when he heard the large bang. He thought something had fallen or there was an accident.

"I hear the huge sound, and I jumped outside to see what was wrong," said Yaghoubi. "And I see the bikers and they said he got hit. He got hit."

Surveillance video from the store captured the man walking into the store with his friends. His hands were up and shaking, his face was pale.

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