TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA.com) - It was the end to their vacation, they wished never happened. Al and Amy Porras returned from a 12 day European vacation to find out one of their dogs had died of a heat stroke while at a pet resort.

Chloe, a 5-year-old pug died while in the care of Royal Pet Market and Resort in

“Plain and simple she was able to reach 109 degrees. I'm no medical expert but you tell me how long does it take for a dog to reach that temperature,” said Al Porras. “We never thought that the dog was going to be found outside, unsupervised with that kind of temperature,” said Porras.

The family says a necropsy shows the dog died from a heat stroke.

“It's well known that pugs suffer from respiratory problems. They should've known better than anyone that that dog should not have been left outside. It's negligent on their part; they were being paid to supervise these pets. Chloe should have never been left outside at all,” said the Porras’ attorney Amy Ruiz.

Royal Pets Chief Veterinary Officer Dr. Bryan McGoldrick released this statement Tuesday evening:

“Our sympathies for the loss of Chloe go out to all and especially Chloe's parents. We are all very saddened by the loss of Chloe during her stay with us.  We do have the necropsy/autopsy report and prior health record from her personal veterinarian that shows us she had a condition called stridor, which is mechanical obstruction of the upper airway that significantly contributed to her cause of death.  As we will continue to be supportive and sympathetic to Mr. and Mrs. Porras, we know that Chloe and her brother Joey were together the entire time and we feel strongly that there was absolutely no neglect.”

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