The new year is in full swing...and maybe you've already ditched your resolutions or maybe you haven't even decided what you want as a resolution. No worries, this will provide the perfect solutions to any of your 2014 resolution struggles.

With every pass of a new year the same question gets asked over and over: what are your resolutions for this new year? This question not only is asked by others, but tends to plague us as individuals as well. How can we set new goals for ourselves to make this year the best year yet? Now once you’ve determined what your resolutions are, you need to know how to crack the code: how are you going to KEEP these resolutions?

So, I devised my best plan, my foolproof guide for you to not only make the best resolutions you can for the new year, but some simple tips that might actually enable you to keep those resolutions. I cracked the code for you


First, and foremost, you need to keep your resolutions simple. Your resolutions cannot be something that you’ll need to financially support beyond your limits or something that is too complicated. If they are one of these two things I can almost ASSURE you that you will let your resolutions fall by the wayside.


Make sure your resolutions are practical. Now, I’m not trying to kill any dreams here, make sure you do set high standards for yourself, but also make sure that your resolutions aren’t too outlandish. The more practical they are the easier they will be to stick with.


Everyone says it, but I’ll say it again. You need to be FOCUSED and MOTIVATED to make a difference for this next year. Write out a plan, make a list of your goals, get them down in writing and then remind yourself of those resolutions EVERY SINGLE DAY. It also might be helpful to share your resolution with someone else and ask that person to motivate you! This way, you don’t only have your own reminder, but you have someone else helping you as well.


Most people’s resolutions are something regarding health, working out, dieting, spending less money….the list can go on and on. Now, I’m not trying to discredit these resolutions (they’re all great and I even have some of those resolutions) but try to look outside yourself for some resolutions for this next year too. One of my friends told me she’s trying to keep in contact with people more. She wants to reach out to others and make sure she’s making an effort to connect with people and ask others about their lives and things happening with them. This is a GREAT resolution. Think of something along those lines, a way for you to not only make your year better, but a way for you to make SOMEONE ELSE’S year better. The crazy part? By making someone else’s year better I can assure that your year will be better as well.

Now go out, make that list, stick to your resolutions—make 2014 your best year yet.