As a preteen in the early 00’s, I watched Brit flaunt her bare midriff down the halls of high school and Christina scale her way out of bottles, tummy boldly-bared. But, once I hit an age where donning such a look wasn’t also synonymous with highly-questionable parenting, the crop-top trend had died. Probably for the best. Like most non-pop singing or runway-walking humans, I did not have measurements proportional to a Barbie doll.


So when the shorter shirts made their way back to screens and stores a couple years back, I chose denial. Surely the crop-top is just a summertime trend--unavoidable now but certain to slink away to the clearance racks at season’s end. I avoided the crop-top with conviction as firm as my belly was covered.


But the crop-top was not temporary. It came back, people, and with a vengeance. Suddenly my favorite fashion bloggers were singing the praises of the polarizing style. I was spotting myriad women in my day-to-day life not just wearing crop-tops, but wearing them enviably well.


After the look found its way into the runway shows of designers like Balenciaga, Miu Miu and Louis Vuitton, Rachel Zoe recently proclaimed on her blog, “The crop-style top is officially the new IT blouse—and we couldn’t be more excited.”


With that, my resolve to “wait-out” the crop-top trend unraveled. It’s time to embrace the look but to do so mindfully, looking to experts like Rachel Zoe and Lauren Conrad for tips:


1) Pair the top with a high waisted skirts, trousers or shorts. Try a long pencil skirt for a super refined look.

2) Layer your top either under a leather or bomber jacket, or over a crisp white shirt or long dress.

3) Play with proportions by pairing a tight crop-top with a full-bodied, high waisted skirt or flowy pants.

4) Strike a modest balance of coverage with a high collared vintage-style crop-top.

5) Remember, a crop top doesn’t have to mean a mid section on display. The bottom of the shirt can just meet the top of your pants/skirt/shorts.


Control the trend to make it your own, showing as much or as little skin in as flattering a light as you desire. The crop-top can be a challenge, but it’s also an opportunity to be confident and brave.


I’ve come around to the look but what do you think? How would you rock the top?


Image Source: Shoes & Basics



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