Looking for a unique look for your upcoming Holiday parties?  Try re-creating a look from years past!



1. Start by choosing a shadow with a slightly gray base. This is more wearable than a black eyeshadow, which could come off too strong.

2.  Apply a dark eyeshadow on your eyelids. Sweep a little eyeshadow up and outward beyond the edges of your eyes (almost in a “cat eye” look) for a little dramatic flare.

3.  Line your upper and lower lashes with a black eyeliner, smudging the bottom lines for a more blended look.

4.  After giving your eyelashes some lift with an eyelash curler, apply a few sweeps of mascara to your upper and lower sets of lashes.

Brows: Thin, dark eyebrows. Downward sloping.

Blush: Powders, liquids, crèmes and papers added color to the cheeks. However, powder became the preferred method after the invention of the compact. Applied on apples of cheeks, in circular motion – not blended to the hairline. Berry, rose and orange colors were popular.

Lips: Bright red, cherry-flavored. Deep red, brownish reds, plums, and oranges. Created a cupid’s bow above natural lip line and not brought all the way to outside of lip on bottom – cut off to create a less-wide lip look.




1. Start with a pearly white across the lid and up to the brow bone.

2. Apply a baby blue or green eyeshadow to the lid of the eye being careful not to extend too far past the crease of the eyelid.

3. Add a “Cut-Crease” – dark brown shadow in the crease to create dramatic depth.

4. Use a cream black eyeliner to create a thick line that does not extend past the outer corners of the lid. 

5. Optional: Apply fake lashes (or have someone apply them for you.

6. After giving your eyelashes some lift with an eyelash curler, apply a few coats of mascara to your upper and lower sets of lashes.

Brows: Lighter, full brows with accentuated arch.

Blush: All about peach cheeks: blended on the apples of cheeks.

Lips: Nude, peach or light pink color – glossy finish. (emphasis is on eyes)



Bringing vintage looks back into today’s trends is the thing to do this holiday season. A blend of 20’s dark lips and pale eyes, or a modern cut crease with a 60’s pale lip are examples of great looks.

How-to (natural look): STEPS:

Trace the frost shadow stick along the lower lashline and blend it with your finger as shown above.

Rim the inner waterline with the black pencil.

Sweep the gold shadow along the crease of the upper lid.

Coat the lashes with mascara.

Contour your cheeks with the bronzer. Then apply the highlighter above the cheekbones.

Finish by painting your lips directly from the tube or with a lip brush for more precision.

Lips: Red, berry lips are a definite must-have this season. Wine, plums and deep reds compliment neutral eyes. Lip stains are a long-wearing substitute for a lipstick. Nude lips topped with a gloss for a subdued lip to compliment bold eyes, or wear matte for a bold lip.

Blush: This gorgeous beauty trend is a must-have for winter because not only is it forgiving but it's also timeless. Matte faces might have been all the rage for a while but nothing looks healthier than a rosy glow on a fresh face. A cream blush will do the best job when trying to achieve this look

Eyes: If ever there was a time to put glitter on your eyes, it’s the holiday season. It’s like we all save our one pot of gold glitter shadow for the winter and designers such asThakoon, Chanel and Donna Karan granted our wish when they sent glitter-laden models down the catwalk. Glitter is also a hard look to get right because can end up looking like you broke into your mom’s makeup kit so you can pretend you be a Disney princess. To avoid looking gaudy, look to celebrities who have gotten glitter eyes right for inspiration, including actresses Emma Watson and Frieda Pinto and singer Katy Perry.

We're betting many girls’ makeup palettes look similar: Neutrals and pinks are popular while slate grey shades and bolder colours remain untouched. This holiday season, try playing with your grey eye shadow seeing as how Alexander Wang, Derek Lam and John Galliano all thought it was a novel idea.

Brows: Full, luscious brows are the base of a structured holiday look. Use eyeshadow or brow powder to fill in sparse brows and create a natural arch and strong shape.

Source: Getty Images

Wishing you a fabulous holiday season!

 -Ashley, Jacqueline & Em-