Nothing steps up a look like a complementary shade of lipstick. But a perfectly applied pout takes practice. From maintaining a healthy lip base to nailing application to maintaining your color through the day and night--these tips cover the basics of wearing lipstick well.   


First things first, stellar looking and long lasting lipstick relies most on a healthy base.


1) Exfoliate! Remove dry flakes of skin with an old soft toothbrush. Use a lip scrub, either store bought or homemade (try rubbing on a bit of sugar mixed with olive oil). Gently rubbing the dead skin off your lips will prevent them from chapping in the future.

2) Prevent lip damage by using lip balm with SPF protection. Apply liberally throughout the day, especially if outside.

3) Avoid lip products with fragrances, flavors or dyes. Though sweet, these elements can be sinister, causing drying or irritation for a sensitive wearer. Avoid waxy stick treatments in favor of emollient balms or ointments.

4) Soft lips are a product of a healthy diet. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables for the B and C vitamins they provide. Foods high in Omega-3 fatty acids like fish, avocado and almonds are also good for the skin and lips.

5) Avoid licking your lips. Despite the instant gratification, saliva evaporates from the lips and takes with it excess moisture, further drying out the area.


Now you’ve got the natural goods, it’s time for lipstick application.


1) Consider a specially designed brush for extra precision rather than applying straight from the tube. Doing so will help you get color in all the creases.

2) Use lip liner to help prevent your lipstick from bleeding. You can go with a color that matches your lipstick or one that matches your skin and lip tone. Either way try to stay as close to your natural lip line as possible when applying.

3) Apply color by starting in the middle of your mouth/bows of your lips and moving outward toward the corners

4) Blot the first coat with a tissue then apply another coat for a deeper matte color.

5) Consider the drama factor added by a dark lip color and moderate your other makeup accordingly. If you’re going for a super glamorous lip you should tone down the eye makeup.



You and your lips are looking beautiful. Make it last!


1) Apply a thin layer of powder foundation either before or after adding your color

2)  Buff your lips with a damp wash cloth prior to application

3)  Use a clear lip balm prior to application. Allow time for the balm to sink in then blot off any excess product before applying color.

4)  Avoid excess top coats of gloss. Too much gloss dilutes the color beneath. To get a shiny look try applying only a small amount of gloss to areas of the lips that most catch the light, like the center of the lower lip.

5)  Use a tissue to blot the lipstick and really press the color into your lips.