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Britney Spears says she's "devastated" over the death of her original Mousekeeter Annette Funicello, who passed away Monday at the age of 70.  Britney, a former Mouseketeer herself, took to Twitter to remember the most famous member of the original Mickey Mouse Club - and also to clear up a miscommunication between her and "TMZ." 

Earlier in the day, photographers from the site asked Britney, as she was rushed and surrounded by bodyguards, if she had heard the news about Funicello's passing.  The singer responded "that's great," apparently not hearing the question. 

Britney later clarified that she had "misheard" the question and that she considered Funicello "a role model" during her days in the Mickey Mouse Club. 

Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera and Ryan Gosling all joined Spears on the series in the early 90s. 

ICYMI Monday, here's what went down...

(TMZ) - Maybe she hadn't heard the news, maybe she didn't understand the question, or maybe she's just a coldhearted person who hates awesome people - but when TMZ asked Britney Spears today about the passing of Annette Funicello, she took a moment, smiled, and said, "I think that's great!"

Funicello, the most famous original member of Mickey Mouse Club, passed away today at the age of 70, so asking Britney, the most famous modern member, about her death made complete sense. 

Britney's answer, however, made none.


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