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Ray Price is reportedly doing well following surgery Wednesday.  The country legend underwent a procedure at a Nashville hospital to remove kidney stones. 

His wife Janie said in a Facebook post shortly after the operation that Ray "came through the surgery with no complications of any kind." She added that his pain was subsiding, and he was "finally getting a peaceful look on his face." Janie also said the surgeon put stents into Ray, which should prevent future complications.

Price was readmitted to the hospital last week in "severe pain" from the kidney stones, which developed as a result of the dehydration that landed him in the hospital last month. 

Janie also noted in another post that the surgeon was playing a Ray Price CD during the operation.  She said the surgical nurse told her everyone in the operating room was "all so pleased to get to be listening to Ray Price music while Ray Price himself is on the table!" 

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